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2022 Slate

The Last Bell

Drama | 12m | 2022

A teenage girl contends with taking care of her dying grandmother.

Directed by Via Lubeck

What Happened to Harriet

Drama | 14m | 2022

Chubby and self-conscious 13 year old Harriet is forced to confront her biggest foes: shame, body image, and her mother. 

Directed by Zoe Lubeck


Comedy | 5m | 2022

A woman walks into a bookstore.

Written by Eli Lloyd
Directed by Madison McIntyre

Thoughts & Prayers

Drama | 16m | 2022

A couple breaks up in the midst of a school shooting in this highly stylistic, off beat, black comedy.

Written & Directed by Danny Farber

Production Dogs

Drama | 120m | 2022

Coming Soon

Written & Directed by Mike Mentor

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